Types of Snapbacks

There are many different snapbacks to choose from today. The popularity of these caps has resulted in cap companies releasing several different types. Though they do closely represent the original versions, there are some new and different elements to consider before purchasing your next snapback hat.

Solid or Mesh

There are snapbacks that are made completely from material, as well as versions that are solid material on front, and mesh in the back. Both types are equally popular. The choice between the two is typically based on the climate in which one lives. Solid versions offer more warmth, while mesh versions allow more airflow.

Retro or Modern

Retro designs are popular choices. However, modern designs are as well. The logo that the snapback features is what breaks these caps into these categories. The material and type of fit may also factor into separating snapback caps into either of these categories. There is actually quite a broad selection of each type.

Snapback Materials

Wool or synthetic materials are commonly used to make snapback caps. These materials can be left in new condition, or sandblasted or frayed to produce a more worn look. Cotton may also be used to produce these caps. The adjustable straps are made from flexible plastic.

Bill Types

The bill, or brim, of the cap if offered in straight or bent styles. Completely flat and straight bills are quite popular at this time. Flat bills are just that, flat, with no existing curvature. Bent styles reached their peak of popularity in the 1990′s, but still retain quite a large fan base. The degree of the bend varies depending on the cap producer.

Snapback Fit

Slouched or structured fits are the two main choices in this category. Slouch fit is loose and flexible, which structured fit holds it’s shape at all times. There is also the choice of standard or high fit. The only difference between these two is that high fit snapbacks are made to wear higher on the head, and provide more space between the head and the top of the cap.

Though it may seem that there are too many options to choose from, most people are able to choose their favorite snapback caps quite easily. With visual appeal being the number one determining factor for most people, the sheer number of snapbacks on the market today leave consumers with plenty of attractive choices.