What Are Snapbacks?

Snapbacks are the term that is used to describe a specific type of adjustable cap. Originally made popular in the 1980′s, these caps were eventually ousted from prominence once fitted hats were released to the public. Today, snapbacks are once again in style, and sales of these caps is at an all time high.

Part of the appeal of snapbacks is that they will fit virtually anyone. The cap is designed with a plastic strip along the back. This strip contains two parts. One side contains many hollow circles, the other contains many nubs, or snaps. These two pieces can be brought together at several different points, and then snapped in place to ensure that it holds.

Since the adjustable strap can be changed to fit the actual circumference of the head, everyone can wear these caps. Not only can they wear them, but they can wear them comfortably. By allowing the consumer to customize their own fit, snapbacks have won over the hearts of cap wearers everywhere.

Snapbacks feature a number of different designs. Sports team logos of all types are frequently displayed on snapbacks. They are also available in plain styles, as well as with any number of different images that are related to humor, product brands, designer images, and retro logos. Many of the recent snapback releases focus on vintage team logos. These vintage styles are quite popular with collectors.

Snapbacks are now being produced by several different companies. Mitchell & Ness, New Era, and ’47 Brand are all producing quality snapbacks at this time. Each of these companies have reached licensing agreements with one or more sports leagues. NHL, NCAA, NFL, NBA, and MLB snapbacks are all available in officially licensed versions at this time.

The most common material that is used to produce snapbacks is wool. However, some are made from synthetic materials. The color choices vary, as do the types bills and fits. Though the adjustable aspect is what makes these caps such a popular choice, the choice between moderns and vintage aspects allow snapbacks to appeal to a broad range of cap enthusiasts.

Snapbacks have been around for quite some time now, however they were not called “snapbacks” during the time period in which they were first popular. This has been the cause of much of the confusion that surrounds these caps. These are indeed the same type of caps that were made popular during the 1980′s, but are now being released in many new styles and versions.